USGI M14 Parts Kit

USGI M14 Parts Kit includes the following:

(1) USGI M14 Op Rod, (1) USGI M14 Op Rod Guide, (1) USGI M14 Op Rod Spring Guide, (1) USGI M14 Bolt Stop, Spring & Pin, (1) USGI M14 Clip Guide & Pin, (1) USGI M14 Connector & Pin, (1) USGI M14 Trigger Group, (1) USGI M14 Flash Suppressor, (1) USGI M14 Castle Nut, (1) USGI M14 Castle Nut Screw, (1) USGI M14 Front Sight,(1) USGI M14 Spindal Valve Assembly, (1) USGI M14 Front Band, (1) USGI M14 Gas Cylinder, (1) USGI M14 Gas Lock, (1) USGI M14 Gas Piston, (1) USGI M14 Gas Screw, (1) USGI M14 Op Rod Spring , (1) USGI M14 Rear Sight Assembly - *Barrel, Complete Bolt, Receiver and Stock & Hand Guard Set NOT include

Five Options are:
  • Mixed - contains all USGI parts not specific to any manufacturer
  • SA - contains SA Op Rod, Complete SA Trigger Group, unmarked base, BME windage knob, WCE pinion
  • H&R - contains H&R Op Rod, complete H&R Trigger Group, H&R Front Band, H&R Gas Cylinder, H&R base, HRA-W windage knob, WCE pinion
  • TRW - contains TRW Op Rod, complete TRW Trigger Group, correct rounded cast base, Wright windage knob, WCE pinion
  • Winchester - contains WRA Op Rod, Complete WRA Trigger Group, OM-B base, WCE windage knob, WCE pinion

*All Parts Have Been Inspected, Reconditioned and Reparked to Mil-Spec Black Manganese Finish*



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