M14 Builders Parts Kit

M14 Builders Parts Kit
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M14 Builders Parts Kit includes the following: (limited quantities available)

(1) USGI M14 Op Rod
(1) USGI M14 Op Rod Guide
(1) USGI M14 Op Rod Spring Guide
(1) USGI M14 Bolt Stop, Spring & Pin
(1) USGI M14 Clip Guide & Pin
(1) USGI M14 Connector & Pin
(1) USGI M14 Trigger Group
(1) USGI M14 Extractor
(1) USGI M14 Ejector Spring & Plunger
(1) USGI M14 Extractor Spring & Plunger        
(1) USGI M14 Flash Suppressor
(1) USGI M14 Castle Nut
(1) USGI M14 Castle Nut Screw
(1) USGI M14 Front Sight

(1) USGI M14 Spindal Valve Assembly
(1) USGI M14 Front Band
(1) USGI M14 Gas Cylinder
(1) USGI M14 Gas Lock
(1) USGI M14 Gas Piston
(1) USGI M14 Gas Screw
(1) USGI Stock & Handguard complete with
metal hardware. Fiber Glas Stocks Only
(Out of Stock on
walnut, birch) 
May exihibit small dings & have

painted rack #'s

(1) Chrome Firing Pin
(new production)
(1) M14 Op Rod Spring (new production)
(1) M14 Rear Sight Assembly
(new production)

*Barrel, Stripped Bolt and Receiver NOT included

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