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M14 Parts
Please email or call 1-630-366-1660
 to get current inventory status prior to ordering. 

M14 Trigger Group

  TRW  $375 - OUT OF STOCK
WRA $325
H&R $295
SA $350
all the correct parts

M14 Rear Sight
TRW $125
H&R $135
Winchester OUT OF STOCK
Mixed USGI $105

M14 Flash Suppressor Assembly
Early Square Base $119

M14 Connector with pin

M14 Bolt Kit
includes: extractor, ejector & spring, extractor spring & plunger


Ejector & Spring
Extractor Spring & Plunger
USGI Parkerized Firing Pin

M14  Op-Rod
  Tabs rebuilt by Columbus Machine Works

TRW $225
WRA $195
H&R $185
SA $195
SAK $195

M14 Op-Rod Guide

M14 Op-Rod Spring Guide $10/each
KMT  $20/each

M14 Clip Guide  $15/each

Image Coming*

M14 Gas Piston

USGI Used $15
New Production $25

Image Coming*

New Production - Op Rod Spring

M14 Gas Cylinder Assembly
with Front Band

M14 Front Band

Used M14 Hand Guards with clip

M1/M14 Cotton Web Sling*

*New Production

M14 Bolt Stop
includes: pin and spring
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